Welcome to Austria! One of the most beautiful country in Europe that is hiding its beauty. Filled with many architectural sites and natural landscapes, Austria boasts itself for everything that is in there. Not only because it is beautiful in nature but also filled with arts and culture. You will surely enjoy visiting this amazing beauty that makes you feel alive.

When it comes to the currency of the country, Euro is officially used. The nation is one of the richest in tourism around Europe. Although it is a small place in Europe, people know this land as a land of fantastic beauty and people. Going to Austria is such a nice journey because you will be satisfied by the atmosphere and environment and at the same time you will be fascinated when you go camping and mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing is one of the best things to recognize in Austria. Austria may come in many season but this will help people to adjust in any  kind of environment. Of course Austria may also have imperfections there is no country that is very perfect. Filled with green towns and villages, people enjoy seeing the view of refreshing color green. Austria is also one of the cleanest place in the world according to record. No matter what happens, people would like to protect the environment. Sometimes, tourist spots are dirty because of so many undisciplined tourists. However, Austrian government makes sure that cleanliness have to be imposed and must be informed to visitors.

In this way, Austria may be a convenient place to live in. For what is beauty if dirt is found? Dirt may cover the beauty of the area.