When you will travel to Austria it is better to check all that you need and make sure you have some information about the country that you will need so that you could be able to travel with ease. One of the mistakes that people can do is to just go to some place without preparation. That is why the guide is given so that you could have an idea and could have some advance planning. You can see in the infographic what you will need.

One of them and it should be on your top priority list is the passport and visa for nationalities who came to from those countries that are required to have visa. Next is that you must learn some German phrases so that you could order your food or ask for directions or information. But they do speak English. You must also carry money in euro denomination as it is the currency that they will accept and not much of the cards.

Now you can see the list of the five ski resorts that are labeled as best resorts that are located in Austria. If you love this outdoor activity you will enjoy it here. You can try all the sites that are in the list so that you also could experience the differences they have. Many tourists love to have skiing here and it is one of the activities that locals also like very much. That is why you should also try.