Here are the 10 facts about Austria that you did not know about Austria.

  • Austrians are said to be Austrian Germans. However, there are many differences of Austrians from the Germans. These two nations actually have differences in vocabulary and many more. ¬†Usually, Austria and Australia are being mistaken as one. There difference is like a tree and a house.
  • Austria is one of the country that is filled with alps which makes the country very famous for camping and tourist destination.

  • Austrians and Germans are enemy with each other but were united after WWII. Austrians think that Germans are very arrogant people in the world. They did not think that they are friends but there are times when they regard each other as friends.
  • Austria is one of the most religious nations in Europe. Comparing it with Germans, Austrians are far more religious in the world.
  • The cruel leader of the World War II, Adolf Hitler is an Austrian origin, not a German.
  • Austrian food id different form German food. Delicacy of the nation is far better than that of the Germans according to Europeans.

To think of all the things about Austrian and German, it is a broad talk.

  • Austria was an Ally of Germany during the WWII. This is why they can not be enemy in real world although they somehow come to detest each other.
  • It is also center of excellence in Europe not long after their state was established. In the early 19th and 20th century, there were many brilliant Austrians who took the lead of developing intellectual products.