If you traveled finally to the country of Austria, you should not miss visiting the city of Vienna. This city is very famous and it should be because you will not be bored when you will visit here. It is really a land that can mesmerize you as you can see many elegant palaces with beautiful design and architecture. That is why you cannot miss not to be able to see them as they are really eye catching. Let us see the video of Vienna.

Here you can see the ten places that you must not miss to visit when you are in Vienna because they are worthy to be able to have your time. In the video is the 10 places provided for you so that you will know where to visit here and what you can do. Of course, you should not forget about food and they do have some best desserts of chocolate cake and apple pie. And you must also see the Hundertwasserhaus that is unique in design even if it is a residential building.

One of the places that Vienna boast is their Vienna Opera House that is very magnificent and not much opera houses around the world can match this one so you should watch a live performance here when you come. There are three palaces that were in the list that you can visit as they have their own features that make them a must in your list.