One of the things that you should know is the etiquette that you must also abide when you go visit a country. There are surely differences whether big or small so you have also to educate yourself to be a good traveler and that you might not have an awkward situation. So before you go there take a look at the video below that was shared so you can listen to the etiquette that is practiced there from a travel guide in that same city you will go.

One of the things that were mentioned is that a handshake is a normal thing to do when you arrive and when you depart when you meet someone and have a meeting. In regard to the giving of the tip, a ten percent tip is very much appreciated although it is not compulsory to give a tip. The phrases like greetings are also given so that you could learn as they are necessary so that you can be a responsible tourist.

You should not miss to visit the churches or the museums or the palaces and especially the concerts that are held there. It has its significance and strong influence because in this country is the birthplace and home of one of the great composers of the world that have lived and known in history. That is why you should take time to attend a live performance of a concert and you will not be sorry as you can really feel the music.