Is he a German or an Austrian? No idea! How would you know if you are talking to a German or an African? It is quite difficult to say unless you are either of the two. However, these are the things that identifies a German from an Austrian and vise versa. Of course, it is not good to always compare nations by not confirming the general point of view. These two nations speak German language but there are still many differences in vocabulary and grammar.

Why is that? It is because, in ancient times, Austrians too had their own identity as a nation before they were colonized by Germans and impose them their culture. This is why even today, we can say that Austrians too have their own style and way in many aspects. It is just that German influence had already rooted in their lifestyle. People stereotype Germans as people who regard laughter as nothing. This is one of their last priority according to them. This means that they do not know how to laugh.

This is why Germans lack of sense of humor according to general opinion. Austrians are humorous very opposite to Germans. Austrians are naturally polite people. This is one of the greatest difference between Germans and Austrians. We do not say that all Germans are impolite. What we see is that they head-up. This is why somehow, they are intimidating people. There is a need for you to lower yourself before them to maintain cool and warm atmosphere.