In every place, there are differences that you can be observed especially in other continents from where you came from. If you are from America then you can find some differences of the culture here. That is why it is better that you know some things before you come and have your own travel time. You can watch the different tips and information that is useful during your travel so that you will be prepared and you will not misunderstand what you can see or feel there.

One of the things discussed is about waiters. In America, waiters are very busy asking customers if they are okay and serving their orders and checking again if they need something as explained in the video but in Austria it is different. they tend to value the time and space they can get from the waiters and so waiters do not usually come and go into the customers. When you also want to give a tip you can do but it is not a must.

In terms of language English and German is recommended to be learned by tourists if they want to get by as it is a major language there. If you speak English then it is okay. In the video, it was explained about the currency that is used by Austria and the denominations are even given. You should also carry cash when you go out as they accept it more than cards.