If you do not know this place then you must know it if you love music because it is the hometown of the famous musician and composer. Mozart cannot be forgotten here and you will not really forget him as you can see his faces when you will travel in this city of Austria. That is why we will also see the music that is being played in this place as surely we can find the influence and legacy of their idol and most cherished fellow countryman.

You can watch the video the sample of a performance in this city. Even performers from foreign nations come to the city to perform Mozarts composition in the hall where Mozart has played for the prince-archbishop. You can have the privilege to hear a piece they have played in the video. So if you want to have also a live performance experience then you must catch one here. Outside is a garden that gives a vibrant and fresh feeling to whoever went to visit there.

But it is not just about the music in this city but you can have the comfort of traveling the lake to have sightseeing and relaxation. You can also see the mountains that are covered by living plants that are as unique as the surroundings you can see. From the train, a boat is waiting for you for your great and new experience to the place of Hallstatt. You will find it just as you can see in the postcard.