See the amazing arts and culture of Austria that centers in Vienna. Austria has a mixture of German and Celtic people due to the ancient status of the country in the past. Since they were under the control of the Roman Empire and ultimately German Empire, the culture were a mixture o blood. Now they consider themselves as Germans since they have been living with the Germans and they have adapted German culture in their life. Example of the Austrian culture is having a German language. German language is something that Germanic tribes can only understand.

Women’s traditional clothing is called dirndl. This dress shows the dignity of a woman through out all ages. However, this kind of garment is rarely used. However, they use this during special occasions in their life such as wedding ceremony and programs. At this time, traditional dirndl has been modernized to something very attractive dress. The main dishes in the country are pork, poultry and fishes. However, they produce the¬†Wiener Schnitzel as their traditional food. This food is very famous in Vienna. This serves as the identity of Viennese. Although this is something that Viennese would love, foreigners would also taste it.


Austrian arts are also scattered in the country. There are numerous architectural sites that can be found in the city especially in Vienna. Vienna is called a home of rich architecture and Gothic that were adapted from the Roman Empire. They also act their culture in everyday life so they will never forget their culture.